Thursday, December 31, 2015

#MTBoS12Days: Tried and True Strategies

Here are a couple of strategies that I can always rely on in the classroom.

  • My kiddos always love the mini-whiteboards. I wrote a project through DonorsChoose in 2013 to get them for my room, and they have definitely have served their purpose. My geometry class last semester asked me often to use the whiteboards. I usually didn't say no because I think that they get students more engaged. 

  • My kids also beg me to play Trashketball often as a review game, or even for the heck of it with lessons. I have generally has great success with Trashketball, the exception being once this semester. In my defense, there were 31 kids in the class, so it was hard to manage. Anyways, here is a brief summary of Trashketball in Room 105 at WCHS. 
  • I will do a more detailed post later this upcoming semester. 
    • Group students random into groups of 4 
    • Have students make a school-appropriate team name 
    • Take a box (or trash can) and put it somewhere in the room. I generally do near my desk. 
    • Take a few Post-It Notes and do values. I do 1,2,3 points. 
    • When groups get a question correct, it is 1 point. Then it depends on what they get when they come up to "shoot." 
    • I make students alternate and take turns shooting so that way there is a fair advantage. 
    • At the end, I usually either double or triple the points. 

Interactive Notebooks
  • This was the first semester that I have done INBs, and I am already a convert. My kids generally loved the notebooks as it helped them keep more organized. Some of my kids also did a great job using color in their notebooks as well. I am looking forward to improving on these as well. 

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