Thursday, December 31, 2015

#MTBoS12Days: How I Relax and Rejuvenate Over the Break

This is simple. I don't do school work over the break, although the temptation was there. I had a tumultuous semester with my personal life, ranging from bronchitis, my grandfather dying, a car wreck (and the second car wreck this year) as well as finishing my master's degree, so I knew I needed the break for my own mental sanity.

  1. I went and spent several days with family here in Tennessee as well as in West Virginia. Spending time with family was very relaxing as well as therapeutic (up to a point). I really enjoyed the time with my family, but I was ready to come back to my house. 
  2. I read a book and started another book, which was so nice! It felt nice to read for pleasure again. 
  3. I cleaned my house, organized my kitchen, and made my house a little bit more livable. I live by myself in a small, two bedroom rental home, but it has still been hard to maintain. 
  4. I was able to watch some TV! I finished a couple of episodes of South Park as well as watched an episode of Hart of Dixie and The Office. I don't have cable, but when I was with family, I watched quite a bit of the Food Network and cable news. I even saw a guy who looked like Saddam Hussein's doppleganger. 

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