Thursday, December 17, 2015

Keep, Change, Start, Stop Fall 2015 Student Reflections

Let me first state this disclaimer. I totally stole this idea from Sarah Hagan over at Math Equals Love. I have done this project in the past, but I did more effort with it this semester. I incentivized students for a small extra credit assignment if this were filled out and returned to me. I then took what was said and put it into an Excel spreadsheet over the past couple of days. With so much testing going on at our school over the past week and a half, there has unfortunately been not much instruction going on. I encouraged the kids to give me honest feedback. Let me share what they said. Then I will do my own personal reflection in another post here in a few days. Forgive me in advance, but I had a hard time deciding what to eliminate. 

·      Pace of working +1
·      The way we do work in the interactive notebook
·      Hands-on work +3
·      Making Mean Girls References
·      Doing interactive notebooks +13
·      Doing fun activities +2
·      The savageness alive
·      Interacting with the kids like you do already.
·      Practice notebooks +4
·      Being happy and positive
·      Doing projects
·      Sticks for students
·      Assigned seats +1 
·      Games
·      Handouts +4
·      Movie quotes
·      Group work +5
·      Retake quizzes +1
·      Foldables +10
·      The fun lessons
·      Teaching at the same pace you are
·      Doing song videos, it helps us memorize
·      Having a great sense of humor
·      Teaching the way you do
·      Doing partner work
·      Trashketball +3
·      Different activities
·      Explaining everything clearly
·      Being awesome
·      Videos +1
·      Reviewing +1
·      Encouraging students to do better
·      Notebook checks
·      Powerpoints +1
·      The having fun in class but learning
·      Your personality
·      The way you teach; it helps me learn +2
·      The attitude, its not too mean but not too nice
·      Joking around, it makes me laugh
·      Your positive attitude
·      Your teaching strategies +1
·      The class announcements on the board
·      Note taking techniques
·      Almost always bright personality
·      Whiteboards +2
·      Your attitude
·      Super high energy
·      Keep doing what you are doing +2


·      Give more time to work on assignments
·      Spend more time on lessons
·      Amount of time spent sitting down
·      Getting so much off the internet
·      Change the notebooks a bit
·      More freedays
·      Change your name to J-Dizzle Swagcraft
·      Giving two bathroom passes a week rather than one +5
·      Show us more videos
·      Having more multiple choice on tests
·      Find more fun songs to help us learn
·      Helping so many students on tests. They should know it.
·      The way the seats are arranged
·      Writing on both sides of board (depending on the class)
·      All tests to multiple choice
·      More group work
·      Notes on tests
·      More diagrams in your power points.
·      Make the First Five more interesting in the mornings
·      The amount of music you play! We need more!
·      The notebook set up. Some people have skipped pages. Some do not.
·      Try to make sure that everyone has the exact same page for assignments in INB
·      Don't watch so many videos
·      Play Jeopardy for review +2
·      Don't take so many notes
·      Change trashketball
·      Speed of work
·      More whiteboard work +2
·      More partner work
·      Call on more kids to read and volunteer
·      The size of the factoring poster
·      The phone/calculator policy. No one really does it
·      The rules so one of them says "Be Savage." I'm not kidding.
·      Your name to SavageCraft or Schoolswag, please.
·      Not really sure
·      The amount of ways to get the class's attention
·      Lighten up on notebook checks
·      Independent Practice
·      First five
·      Print shapes for notebooks
·      Have students move around more
·      Be more hands-on +1


·      Having a section in the INB for First Fives
·      Sassing more students
·      Using more movie quotes
·      More than one bathroom pass a week +4
·      Review 10 minutes before every test
·      Letting us have more freetime +1
·      Letting us do more fun activities
·      Lettng us go to the board to work problems
·      Showing what we made on our tests at the beginning of class
·      Having Halloween, Christmas, Easter, fun math pages
·      More games for studying
·      Change assigned seats every week
·      Promethean board work
·      Letting kids write on the board when working problems
·      Study guide +1
·      At the end of year, count up bathroom breaks and the ones that you didn't use, give points for them
·      Giving extra credit +1
·      More projects instead of tests or quizzes
·      Giving a little more Homework for practice
·      Drawing sticks more often +1
·      Putting up more math posters, we do notice.
·      Doing more fun projects, and use the projects to decorate the room
·      Playing Jeopardy. Helps us memorize
·      Letting people sit where they want
·      Doing more FUN activities +1
·      Look up songs to help us learn the lesson
·      Every once in a while, have an off day to work on make up work or tests
·      Catch people's attention
·      Agenda, everyday
·      Only helping kids who need help, not the ones who ask on every questions just to get answers
·      Come up with other review games
·      Doing more group work
·      Making people read with funny voices
·      Taking a little longer on some subjects
·      Addressing yourself as Swagcraft
·      Playing music during assignments
·      Having back up info and ways to do problems
·      Giving detentions instead of warnings
·      More group projects +1+1+1+1
·      Group homework
·      Keep charger strips (JK!)
·      Trying to talk slower
·      Put soft talking kids in front
·      Giving more examples of everything 
·      Doing different things
·      Being more patient
·      Adding games to the lessons
·      Explain the lessons more in depth
·      More hands-on activities +2
·      Start doing a folder instead of practice notebook
·      Being more sarcastic
·      Using activities that are hands-on, creative, and will benefit learning
·      Make students say answers aloud
·      More random calling on people
·      Letting students use the board
·      More foldable


·      Talking so fast +1
·      Homework
·      Yelling (nah)
·      Clap once if you hear my voice, etc.
·      That's it. You're a beast made teacher
·      The table of contents
·      Making people put phone in calculator organizer
·      Counting off points if answer is right but work is wrong.
·      Don't make a practice notebook +2
·      Not letting people go up to the board and work things out
·      Being so picky about whiteboards
·      Being so stressed. I love your class!
·      Giving only one bathroom break +1
·      Closing the blinds. I love natural light.
·      Bell ringers
·      Notebook checks
·      Less work when a sub is here
·      Letting people be rude to you +1
·      Putting yourself down when something goes wrong +1
·      Getting mad when people talk +1
·      Nothing! You're doing wonderful! +1
·      Some of the quizzes and tests
·      Doing a test final and make it a project
·      Being so easy on students
·      Assigned seats +2
·      Picking our groups +1
·      Lots of individual work
·      Getting off topic a lot
·      Worrying so much. You're a great teacher.
·      Letting us do so much team/group work
·      Making us wait until the end of class to see our grades
·      Giving students 3rd and 4th chances to stop being loud
·      I don't know what else. You're pretty savage already.
·      Don't ever stop being a hoss
·      Don't stop being a great teacher
·      Stop thinking sometimes you are unprofessional. You're an amazing teacher!
·      Letting people get off topic too easily


  1. So, any thoughts yet on what you want to keep/change/start/stop?

    1. Thanks so much for this awesome idea. I am going to write a blog post tomorrow about my own personal reflections. :) I might write it tonight, though. I am not 100% for sure, though. Thanks for asking!

  2. Wish I had seen this earlier. I'd love to get this feedback from my students but tomorrow is the last day of finals and I won't see most of them tomorrow. Maybe next semester. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I plan on doing it every semester from now on. I received some good feedback. One of the things I would change is doing my own personal reflection first and then comparing it to what my kids share. That's like us. We have a half day today, so it's basically pointless. Let me know if you do it next semester. :)

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