Saturday, May 14, 2016

Which One Doesn't Belong Project-Day 1

After discovering the gem that is Which One Doesn't Belong, and writing a blog post about WODB, I knew that I eventually wanted my students to create their own as a project. Now that state testing is finally over, it is nice to be able to finally present this to the class. I had thought about ideas on how to structure the project, but I was still short on some ideas. I came across this tweet from Mishaal Surti, which gave me some inspiration. I created a document that included a rubric as well as some ideas from the tweet that is linked above.

Students were allowed to pick their partner, and we headed to the computer lab. I told students that they needed to look at examples of WODBs, which we also did before heading to the computer lab. I then instructed students how to create a Google Doc to insert images and equations. I required students to use their own interests to find four items that one could argue do not belong in a set and also required them to justify using some type of mathematical reasoning. I was really impressed with what some of my students created.

Before you look at the projects my kids created, take a look at the Google Doc I created with the assignment and the rubric.
Shapes and angles. Which One Doesn't Belong? 

Items at Chipotle. WODB? 

Cereals. WODB? 

Various graphs. WODB? 

Car Brands. WODB? 

Fast Food Restaurants. WODB? 

Symmetrical Superhero Logos. WODB? 

Money. WODB? 

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions. WODB? 

Cities. WODB? 

Various Equations. WODB? 

Musical Notes. WODB? 

Since there are several field trips today, I was unable to let my geometry class present. However, I had enough kids in attendance in my Algebra II classes, so I went ahead and let them present. I really enjoyed listening to their arguments and reasoning of their peers' projects. I definitely recommend this project for a one to two day assignment. Feel free to comment if you have any questions.


  1. Awesome work! I did something similar with my Geom Classes first day of school. I like the idea you gave me of revisiting it. I love naming each corner of the room, Upper left, Upper Right, etc...having students move to their WODB corners and then arguing from there. It would fun for the authors to see what the students say!

    1. Thanks Amy! I need to write a follow up post about how it went. I would love to hear about your project as well. I really like the idea of having the four corners. I should do that next year and take the kids outside. I think that would be amazing to do that. WODB is such an invaluable resource that has helped my teaching. Sorry for the delay in response. It's our last full week of school. Looking forward to meeting at #TMC16!

  2. I am super interested in your student's thinking on the cities one if you can share :-)

    1. Sure!! We have been out of school for three weeks, but I think they did it based on population and area of the city. That's a great question, though. Thanks for stopping by!


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