Thursday, December 31, 2015

#MTBoS12Days: Start, Stop, Continue


  • I am going to start giving students more feedback on quizzes and tests and letting students read the feedback before putting their numerical grade on there in the hopes that this will create a culture of not focusing so much on grades. 


  •  I am going to stop doing the thinking for my students and let them do more of the thinking. One of the takeaways from the NCTM Conference in Nashville was that I do too much of the thinking for my kids, and I am not doing them any favors. 


  • I am going to continue using Interactive Notebooks. I received very positive feedback from both students and administrators on them. My goal is to improve on them and eventually be able to present about INBs at conferences and workshops. They have been a blessing in my classroom. 

1 comment:

  1. Love INBs! Not using them this year because our new curriculum has a consumable book that the kids can write in, but I miss them.


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