Thursday, December 31, 2015

#MTBoS12Days: Classroom Wishlist

Where do I start? As I said, I teach at a rural high school in Tennessee that is very deprived of basic resources. I love where I teach, but it is heart-wrenching seeing so many great ideas on the MTBoS that I can't implement due to lack of basic resources. My wishlist is basically a list of necessities.

Absolute Necessities

  1. New textbook aligned to the standards.
    1. Our school district has cut basically every dime in textbooks. So, I have textbooks that I hate that are not aligned to the current standards. Although I am not a textbook teacher, I still would like a resource to write decent lessons. 
  2. Whiteboard 
    1. I have a whiteboard in the back of the room, but it's not where students can see without turning their heads. I have a shower panel board that is a makeshift whiteboard. Some colors will not erase, and I have to clean it every single day. It was installed in August, and it already has several scratches on it. I am sure if I want another one, I will have to buy it out of my own pocket. 
  3. New desks 
    1. I am sure the majority of the desks are as old as I am . Some of them have been welded together several, several times as a way to repair them. 
  4. New calculators 
    1. I would love TI-84 CEs. We have the TI-83 and TI-N-Spire with TI-84 faceplates. We used the TI-83 when I was in high school. I am almost 27. 
  5. New test generator 
    1. Our test generator is from 2009, and it will not even install on my personal laptop because it is so out of date. Does anyone have a spare that is aligned to the CCSS that I could borrow? 
Almost Necessities 
  1. Laptops for every student (I would be more than grateful for a math department mobile lab) .
    1. Our school has one computer lab for the entire school, and another lab that is also a classroom for three blocks a day. Our library has about 7-8 computers, and the "mobile lab" is completely broken. There are so many activities that I could do if I had computers, but I can't. Therefore, my kids are getting shafted. 
  2. New mini-whiteboards
    1. Mine are in ok shape, but they will eventually give out. 

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