Saturday, October 29, 2016

Quadrilateral Social Media Project

After we finished out our unit on quadrilaterals, I wanted the kids to do something project oriented, and I also wanted some updated student work on the walls. I had first heard of this project on Julia Finneyfrock's blog, and let me tell you, if you haven't read Julia's blog, go check it out! Anyways, Julia's blog led me to Tina Cardone's blog, which led me to a Google search and at Mrs. E Teaches Math's blog.  So I took some info from all of the blogs and created my own sort of project.

Here is what I required (loosely)

  • Sign up for a shape (which I only allowed four students per shape, and it was first come first serve) 
  • Make a social media profile 
    • Twitter
    • Facebook 
    • SnapChat 
    • Tinder (although it's hard to swipe right on paper) 
    • Instagram 
    • Dating Profile 
  • Take 5 self portraits/tweets/etc. 
  • Have around ten facts about quadrilaterals, but if it was 7-8, I was still okay with that. 
  • Make the project neat and nice 
When I gave my students some creative freedom and made the project somewhat more lenient, I was pleasantly surprised, impressed, and proud of how creative my kids were and the product that they created. I even had several students ask to create real profiles on Twitter and Instagram, which I allowed. I am even going to post some on our school's Facebook page and on my own personal page. 

I definitely will do this project in the future, but I probably would do a couple of things differently. I think I needed some more stringent guidelines, but I think that might just be my very strong detail oriented personality trait coming out there. I also think that I wouldn't allow creating real social media profiles because it is harder for them to create their own pictures and harder to get their ten facts in with five portraits and to show interaction between profiles. 

Here is the handout for the project, and I am going to leave you with some pics of their projects. Let me know if you have done this project before, and I would love to see any of your kids's projects if you have done or will do this project.


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