Tuesday, May 23, 2017

End of Year Projects

For our final week and project, my students created End of the Year projects. I took the idea from Miss Rudolph's blog entry from a few years ago. I used her rubric and her directions, so I won't blather on about the details. I also gave my students a lot of choice when deciding what to do for their project. I was really excited what my students came up with and created. 

Math Toss was a game similar to see ball. Students used their non-dominant hand and throw into the cup. Then students draw out a question from the cup. If they got the question correctly, then they earned the number of points on the cup. If not, students lost one point. 

This board was used as a game to teach box method division. 

This was an informative poster on doing polynomial division. 

These two photos were from Quadratic Formula Bingo. Students were given an equation to solve, and then they matched the answer in Bingo. 

This is a poster on the properties of parabolas. 

This is a poster from student-created surveys. 

String art with parabolas. 

These two photos are a game that could be used for any topic. The group chose to use equations of parabolas. 

These two photos were from a matching game on square roots. The directions are on the next photo. 

If you have questions about the project or anything that my students created, please let me know!

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