Thursday, June 8, 2017

P16 Summer Summit Presentations

On June 7, I had the opportunity to present at the P16 Summer Summit at Cleveland State Community College in Cleveland, Tennessee. I presented four sessions, which I will describe below. I also have links for all of the sessions for your perusal. The irony is that I presented four sessions, and there were only four sessions for the day, so I didn't get to go to anything. :(

How Twitter Transformed My Teaching

  • This was my first session, and I had around eleven participants. Unfortunately, I didn't have any math teachers, but that was okay. I talked about how Twitter has had such a positive impact and influence on my teaching career. I gave strategies on signing up for Twitter, connecting with people, Twitter etiquette, and how it, in fact, transformed my teaching. 

Why Blog? Why Not?

  • This sesiĆ³n had only three people, two of whom were in my first session. I was pretty chill while presenting, and I showed them my blog to begin the session. I also showed how to use Blogger as a blogging platform. I then talked about why I blog and how blogging has been a nice tool of reflection. 

Desmos Activity Builder

  • I was excited that I had thirteen people in the session, and only one had even used Desmos AB before the session. I also was glad that I had a mixture of math teachers and non-math teachers. We talked about the features of Desmos AB, such as graphing, multiple choice, sketching, anonymize, class pause, teacher pacing, input/fill in the blank, marble slides, and Polygraph. We had to go very fast during this session, and I probably should've done it as a longer session. 

Plickers, Quizzizz, and Kahoot! Oh My!

  • In this session, we did a crash course on Plickers, Quizzizz, and Kahoot. I wasn't able to print Plickers cards, so we didn't get to go full course on that. However, we talked about the pros and cons of each tool. Then I created a Quizzizz and Kahoot with very basic questions so that participants could experience the differences. 
Overall, I think that the presentations went well. Maybe I should've snapped a few pics! If you have any questions about my sessions, just let me know! 

Blogging Session
Twitter Session
Plickers, Quizzizz, and Kahoot Session
Desmos Activity Builder 

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