Saturday, May 6, 2017

Breaking the News

In my previous post, I came out and shared the news that I was leaving my school at the end of the year, which I have been at for the past four years. I submitted my resignation letter last week, and my position was posted on the website was posted on Monday. Let's say that word travels fast in a small town.

We had End of Course tests on Monday-Wednesday this week in my Algebra 2 and Geometry classes. A few kids heard the rumor, but I wanted them to hear it from me. I decided to wait until after the end of course tests were over to share the news.

I began by saying that the students may have heard some rumors that I am leaving at the end of the year. I then said that these rumors were true and that I was moving. Some of the kids were very upset, and a couple almost started crying. I don't do well in tense and sad situations, so I tried to lighten the mood, which helped a ton. I had one class say that they were going to throw me a going away party. I think a few were confused as to why I was learning. I said that it wasn't anything towards anybody or against them. I also assured them that I was their teacher until the end of the year, and that we were going to have a strong finish to the rest of the year.

I have tried to not discuss it as much or bring it up in conversation, but overall, people have been very happy and supportive of me. I have been fortunate to have great coworkers and students over the past four years, which helped a ton as well. However, I am ready for a new experience and a new grade level. So, here we go! See ya later to one school, hello to another.

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