Monday, September 26, 2016

The One With The Evaluation and The Power Outage

Happy Monday!

Today was an interesting day to say the least. Where do I begin?

I started in my first block and taught Function Operations. I realized later on in the day that I explained a couple of concepts incorrectly to my first block, which was embarrassing. I knew how to do the problems, but I had never taught this concept before today. We had been using the Chromebooks a lot lately, so it was a nice change to go back to full pencil and paper. I decided to go ahead and show a video and do a Quizzizz with them tomorrow. With my other Algebra 2 class, I corrected a couple of my mistakes, but I still need to show a video anyways before we go on to composition of functions.  

Then in my geometry class, I had an announced evaluation. Our assistant principal came in to observe me for one of my two announced evaluations, and I hope that I did well. My lesson was on the Triangle Inequality Theorem, and I started out by grouping the students using Flippity, which I recommend you Google here on the MTBoS. I used this as my form of grouping students, which is one of our evaluation criteria. I also used this opportunity to do Visible Random Grouping (VRG), and I plan on doing more of it in the semester. The group activity involved spaghetti, which I have done in the past. My students were pretty engaged with the project, and many got the main takeaway. Then we did a Pear Deck presentation, which also went smoothly. I realized we were quickly running out of time, so I just did a couple of brief examples of the Hinge Theorem. I used an example of a gator chomp, since Tennessee beat Florida for the first time in twelve years. Many kids were engaged with this! At the end of the lesson, we did a Quizzizz activity, and many of the students enjoyed this. I had several begging me to do more with them!

At the beginning of 4th block, we had a power outage. Even though 4th block is my planning, I still went out in the hallway to make sure that the kids were in class. Everything I needed to do, I needed a computer (and power). I had decided that I was going to read, but then I realized I forgot my book at home. So, I went to the office and chatted with the secretary, and I mostly went up and down the hallway. I went back to my room and cleaned up some papers and my desk, which was a mess! Then school decided to close a half hour early, which meant I had to cancel tutoring. I helped supervise kids that were waiting for their ride to come, and then I went to the front to help supervise kids waiting for the buses, which were late. After the buses came, I decided it was time to go home.

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