Sunday, September 25, 2016


I finally had the opportunity to be able to do a Polygraph on Desmos with my Algebra 2 classes! I had read so much about Polygraphs here on the MTBoS, and I was so pumped to be able to do one with my classes. We had been discussing graphs of polynomial functions and end behavior, so I thought that the Polygraph would be an easy way to be able to increase understanding of the concepts. Most students were immediately hooked! I had a couple of students who had difficulty in the activity because they were having trouble thinking of questions, especially yes or no questions. Also, this was an activity and task completely different from much that my students have done in the past. I just told those students to keep trying. I had even numbers in my first Algebra 2 class, so I let them play, and I went around and assisted students. In my other Algebra 2 class, I have an odd number of students, so I played along with them! I had so much fun, but, more importantly, my students had fun! I have had several students ask me when we are going to play Polygraph again.

Here are my reflections from the activity

  • I am definitely going to do Polygraph again this semester. 
  • I need to model how to ask questions more so that students are more comfortable during the activity. 
  • I need to encourage students to question and to think more. 
  • I may also need to model how to do the activity before letting students work
I also need to think of lessons, standards, objectives, etc. that I can use Polygraph for in Algebra 2 and Geometry. Do any of you guys have any ideas? 

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