Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snow Days 1,2,and 3

This week was somewhat of a total bust in the classroom to be honest, due to no one's fault.

Let's go over the timeline

M: MLK Day-This was a definite needed day off of school.

T: Two Hour Delay (school started at 10:30). This meant that I didn't have 1st Block Geometry, and my 2nd Block Algebra II class was cut short 20 minutes.

W: Snow Day #1-We woke up to 3-4 inches of snow on the ground, which is more than enough to close schools in east Tennessee (for more than a day, even)

R: Snow Day #2-I teach in a rural county that is hilly and mountainous, so snow takes a while to melt. Coupled with that, temperatures did not get above freezing on Wednesday. Therefore, roads could not melt to get school buses.

F: Snow Day #3-School was cancelled once again due to a system that was coming in later in the afternoon, so no one wanted to take a chance. The town where I live/teach received a few inches of snow. I decided to stay at my girlfriend's house 30 minutes away, and we received nothing. This system was weird. My mom lives about an hour and a half away, and she has around 6-7 inches. However, she was in a car wreck on her way home from work (due to no fault of her own). I am tickled to death that she was in a SUV with two other police officers who were transporting her home when it happened instead of her small Kia. I also talked to my family two hours north in Kentucky, and they have over a foot. Go figure.

I will pause between sections and let you see some pictures.

First snow of the season (January 20, 2016)

The street and the cars

Here I am measuring the snow (using precision) #Mathnerd 

Fun snow picture! Forgive me, but I had not showered or shaved when this pic was taken.
Therefore, I look like complete crap. 

So, what did I do that was productive? Let's go ahead and answer that...nothing. What did I do with these days, though?

Wednesday: My girlfriend and I finally finished Making a Murderer on Netflix. I recommend you go watch ASAP (especially when you have time). Also, we played in the snow. We then watched a couple of episodes of the TV show Square Pegs, which was on from 1982-1983. Yes, I wasn't born until 1989, but I love old stuff. I found the complete series for $3 at the used book store in Knoxville last weekend.

Thursday: We went out to Walmart and Chick-Fil-A because we were too lazy to cook. Also, I needed to pick up some school supplies. My church was nice enough to make a donation to our school to buy school supplies. I picked up a hand sanitizer bottle for every classroom as well as a plethora of glue sticks and stuff for Interactive Notebooks.

Friday: We went out to Kroger (when it was still above freezing and raining) and got groceries. We watched an episode of Frasier on Netflix and Meet the Parents. I began reading Why Not Me by Mindy Kaling. My girlfriend and I played this card game called Mexican Gin and watched a documentary.

Saturday: We finished this season of Todd Margaret, which is a hilarious and strange show about a man who goes to the United Kingdom to sell energy drinks and the stuff he gets into.

Notice what is absent here. Schoolwork. That will be done tomorrow since church was cancelled for tomorrow. Since some parts of the county where I live/teach received 6+ inches, we may not even have school until Monday.

So, we will just enjoy the time off and go with it. Stay warm!


  1. Just saw your post using #MTBoS on Twitter and came over to read your snow day post. I'm in the northwest mountains of NC, so I believe we are pretty close to one another. I, like you, have enjoyed our first few snow days and did not do a single bit of school work. It's been great!

    Hope you enjoy the snow and your kids aren't TOO crazy whenever you return.

    1. Awesome! Thanks for stopping by! I live a little less than 3 hours from Asheville and probably 4 hours from Boone, NC. I am near Knoxville. So, we aren't too terribly far from each other. Happy to connect! Me either!!! I will have to work tomorrow, though. :(

  2. No snow days here, yet. Glad you were able to enjoy some downtime!

    1. Hopefully you will have a snow day or two. I am, too! It doesn't take a lot to get a snow day here.


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