Monday, January 25, 2016

MTBoS Blogging Initiative: My Favorite...Interactive Notebooks

As I am home on this snow day, I am thinking about the next post of the MTBoS Blogging Initiative. There are many things that my students and I enjoy about our classroom, but the one favorite thing that I feel that my students enjoy are the interactive notebooks. 

I began doing interactive notebooks in the Fall of 2015. A friend and colleague of mine had discussed doing them, and I was immediately inspired. I turned to the Internet, Pinterest, math blogs, and my own small creativity. One blog that I really relied on was Math Equals Love. I will admit that I used a lot of her resources since this was my first semester doing them. 

At the end of the semester, many of the students said that I should keep doing interactive notebooks while no students said that I should stop using the interactive notebooks in class. Last semester, I had students do an interactive notebook and a practice notebook. After reading student feedback, I decided to not do the INB this semester, and students glue in their First Five (bell ringer) into their INBs. 

It goes without saying that INBs have helped transform my teaching. Somedays we do foldables, somedays we take notes, and sometimes I give students notes that they are able to graph or fill in the blank. 

Pocket folder 


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    1. I thought it might be nice to share. Your resources were great to use as well! :)


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