Sunday, August 13, 2017

The First Week of School

Well, folks, it is back to school time in Tennessee! Last Monday was our first day of school and with students. For those of you who don't know, I am at a new school and am teaching 8th grade (and middle school) for the first time.


  • Monday was a half day, so we had our homeroom (which is our second block period). Then we had a half hour with our middle two classes, and had an hour of class with our last group. During this time, we did an Estimation 180 task, I introduced myself, and I went over some basic procedures for entering the classroom. 


  • We spent the class period going over the school wide procedures and expectations. We are lucky that our school has laid out very clear expectations for what behavior is expected. We also did a Getting to Know You Bingo activity (shared here).


  • We finished the procedures and expectations for this day for the classroom. I also taught the departure procedure for the school. 


  • Time to do some math! 
  • In pre-algebra, we started by classifying rational and irrational numbers. I had the students make a foldable. I gave the students a half sheet of paper, and students folded the paper in half to make a booklet. One one side, I had students write the word "rational" and "irrational" on the other side. I then gave students their Cornell Notes. We are an AVID School of Distinction, and, as a result, we use Cornell Notes in our classes. I gave students several numbers throughout the lesson, and students had to classify them as rational or irrational. 
  • In Algebra I, we started with one and two-step equations review. I also showed students the Cloud Method for solving equations. If you have any questions about what the Cloud Method looks like, just feel to contact or tweet me. 
  • I also gave my first homework assignment, the math autobiography. 


  • We had an assembly for most of my first class, so I just let them work on their math autobiographies after we returned. I then did a review game with my other pre-algebra classes on classifying rational and irrational numbers. After the game, I gave them some time to work on their math autobiographies. 
All week, we did the Name Tents from Sara Vanderwerf, which are a blessing and a great way to build relationships and get to know your kids. I also started a routine where I have students fist bump me on the way into class. I have a few that won't do it, but hopefully they will come around someday. However, I can understand at the same time. 

So, here's to week one in the books. It is my wish that Week 2 brings more positive relationship building and some fun lessons! 

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