Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Traveling Science Fair

On Friday, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory had a traveling science fair at the county's vocational school, and our students were invited to attend. I was really excited for this opportunity for our students. We met with our advisory groups at the start of first block, and then the bus came to get us around 8:45 to take us to the vocational school, which is about a five minute ride from the school. Students had the opportunity to tour six trailer size science exhibits, ranging from neutrons, research, and ecology. I didn't get to tour all of them, but I went through three or four of them.

Inside the vocational school, students had the opportunity to see live welding, live auto repair, machinery, and carpentry. I am not familiar with any of these fields, so I went and talked to the machinery teacher about how math was applicable to his field. He and I had a good conversation and talked about how students need to manipulate variables and solve equations in Ohm's Law.

I didn't get the chance to see the welding, but I went and walked through the auto mechanics exhibit, and I was completely lost. I went back into the main part of the vocational school and saw several of the vendors. I talked to some people with the University of Tennessee Geography Department and the Tennessee Geographic Alliance. I took a geography class during the one semester I attended UT, and I absolutely loved the class! I was even shocked to learn that the professor was still there. I then went to an exhibit on 3D printing, and I even got mistaken for a student!

Here are a couple of pics, and I am representing by wearing my Twitter Math Camp shirt! #TMC16

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