Monday, March 28, 2016

Bulldog Banter, 1st Edition: Quotes from Room 105.

Sometimes, kids truly say the darnedest things. So, I wanted to be able to document some of the great stuff my kids say, much to my delight or dismay. Every now and then, I will be presenting these in the form of Bulldog Banters. I have to give credit to my girlfriend for part of the name. I didn't want to steal Sarah Hagan's post title called Things Teenagers Say over at Math Equals Love.  I tried coming up with something related to teenagers. Then I thought about paring it with something related to our mascot, the Bulldogs! By the way, Go Bulldogs! Then my girlfriend came up with Bulldog Banter. Then I felt I needed to explain what Bulldog Banter is, quotes from my room, Room 105.

Enjoy these little nuggets of entertainment.

"What do you mean, Justin Bieber?"-Quote from a student when we were reading John and Betty's Journey Into Complex Numbers and she misread the quote "What do you mean?" asked Betty.

"Like a good neighbor, Schoolcraft is there." -Quote from a student who told me that my last name reminded her of the State Farm jingle.

"It's not sorcery. It's Schoolcraft." -Student quote that I cannot remember where it came from

"It's snowing and icing. It's slicing."-Student quote when a couple of flurries were coming down at school.

"That looks like Spongebob's buttcheeks."-Quote when we were doing graphs of polynomials on Desmos, and we did some additional discovery.

"I always wanted to be a hobbit when I grew up."-Telling about our childhood dreams

"Megatron on the blog"-I forgot what this meant.

"Ali, you've not asked him to dinner all year."-Yes, I had a student who asked me to dinner several times last year, and I have her again. By the way, I said no!

"If you tell us the name of your blog, we will have it trending on Twitter."...note...I didn't give it to them. I said I had a Twitter, though.

"I bet his username is Daddy-J."-after telling them I had a Twitter.

"I would have done a few things differently in my childhood. I wouldn't eat cat litter again."

Me: I am not going to be here on Friday. I am going to Atlanta to visit with my friends who are in Atlanta from New York City.
Student(s): Are you going to elope?
Me: No!
Student: Can we come to your wedding?
Me: I am not having a wedding anytime soon?
Student #2: Can I be your best man?

Student: Can we have your number?
Me: Maybe when you graduate.
Student: Ms. Shelly (the sub who got there as I was leaving), can you give us Schoolcraft's number.
Ms. Shelly: No, now be quiet and do your work.


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