Monday, February 22, 2016

Reflections and Translations Desmos Activities

Translations Desmos Activity
Reflections Desmos Activity

I am extremely late in writing this post. I actually did these activities about a month or so ago, but I have been so sidetracked. I did these in mid-January, but after we did the activities, we had staff development, MLK Day, other meetings, and nine snow days. Not to mention that I had a birthday in there with working basketball games, as well as planning for our visit from the Tennessee Education Association.

So, I bet you are wondering what this has to do with Geometry, and the answer is "Absolutely Nothing!" I was just giving you an insight into my life.

Anyways, back to these activities. Instead of having students take notes on reflections and translations, I figured I would use the Desmos Activity Builder to create lessons. Our school currently does not have 1:1 or anything like it. Thankfully my friend Patty, who is the business technology teacher, has her planning period at the same time that I have my geometry class, so I asked her if I could bring my class in and do the activity. Of course, she was totally awesome and cool with it.

Let's reflect on how the lessons went. No pun intended.

I had a hard time getting the kids to mind and to shut up while I explained a couple of things. I told them and told them until I finally said that I would not take them back into the lab to do the reflections activity. I think that many students were engaged, especially those who sometimes aren't as engaged. I had to be observant to make sure that students were on task. However, I wasn't going to say anything about that as long as they were doing the work. I think that students were generally engaged and catching on, though, which was one of the main points.

The reflections lesson went MUCH better. Students were on much better behavior, especially since I threatened them to not do the activity. Students were more engaged and were more able to visually see the graphs and reflections. I wish that I would've put more multi-step translations and refections in the presentations. I would definitely do this again, especially since there is talk of our district going 1:1 next school year.

I would love some feedback about these activities, so please look through them and comment. The links are at the top. Thanks!


  1. Hi Jonathan! Thanks for sharing, especially the ugly parts of how things went. Sometimes its good to know we are not alone and that kids are kids no matter where we are! Thanks for sharing the links. I noticed that they both go to the Translations activity. Is that a mistake or does one follow the other?

    1. Thanks for stopping by! This is true. I figured I might as well be honest. I feel that the MTBoS is not only a source of resources but a source of support as well. That's so true!! No problem! I fixed the links, so go ahead and try that. Thanks for bringing that to my attention!


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