Monday, February 1, 2016

MTBoS Blogging Initiative: Dance, Dance Transversal

This is a lesson that is totally stolen from the MTBoS, so let's give credit where it is due. I used this activity today with my 1st Block Geometry class. I used this link from Jenn (darn you autocorrect) Vadnais over on her blog. So, it wouldn't let me link her full name. Sorry about that.

Anyways, that is not what is important here.

Before the lesson, I went to three different stores to find masking tape, and, finally, Rite Aid had some that was for my needs. I went up to the school yesterday afternoon, and I found that to set up for the activity, and thankfully, I have Geometry during first block.

Here are some unflattering photos my girlfriend took of me setting up the room.

I noticed when I was there yesterday that the internet was out. I then arrived at school and found out that the whole building's internet was out. I was panicked. Here I had a fun lesson, and the internet was down. Thankfully, the tech guys were there immediately and fixed the problem, so I owe a shout out to the tech guys!

I did this on my phone when I got to school and then at the end of first block on my phone between class periods. I was being a smart aleck and used a reference from Amish Paradise/1999 when writing the first tweet. However, I am fortunate that the internet was up, so the tech guys deserve props. 

Now, to the lesson. 

I had students discuss relationships about the four types of angles (alternate interior, alternate exterior, same side interior, and corresponding). I reiterated these throughout the lesson. We did several examples of problems, and then I let students get mini-whiteboards, which they love!! I then let students do several problems, and, one at a time, I called "Boards Up!" to do a quick formative assessment. It seemed that students were getting it well.

Then it was time for Dance, Dance, Transversal. I had students stand up, pick a partner, and then find a transversal in the room. We did Respect, then Billie Jean, One Tribe, and then Uptown Funk last. The links to the videos are in the link above. I didn't know how to make videos with my own songs. :( Maybe I can learn for next year. 

Students generally didn't try on one song, so I paused the video. I stated that even though you may not be good at this, please just try. It's about having fun and learning the concept. Student attitudes improved greatly after this. For the closure, I had students write a quote for the blog about the activity. Student quotes are listed below. 

"It was fun and very helpful to remember and to wake us up" 
"We need some fox body mustangs"-not for sure about that one or what it means. 
"It was fun" 
"It was really fun" 
"It was a lot of fun, especially when Mr. Schoolcraft broke my concentration with his wooh! #uptownfunk 
"Helps to remember them all" 
"It was a bit difficult; make it on a bigger scale" 
"I liked it because we got to get up and move around" 
"I liked it, really keeps us hands on, which helps us learn best." 
"It was helpful, and I enjoyed it." 
"I enjoyed the activity; its fun and helpful." 
"Great activity. Schoolcraft had fire moves." 
"It was an odd activity. It was fun but you had two brains working on one area, but other than that, it was good for learning." 
"This activity was really fun and it made us think on our feet (literally) so I definitely think it will help us to remember the notes we took." 
"I'm glad we did this activity. It helped me more than I thought I would." 
"If I knew the different spots better, then it would've been kinda fun, but it was hard." 
"It was chill. I learned it kinda." 
"It was good. Helped me learn." 
"I liked it." 

Reflection Moment: 
  • I would have liked to made the transversals bigger, but I didn't have the room to do so. 
  • I should've had the kids do a dry run of it before we played and explored each of the relationships again. 
  • I think that the kids generally had fun while learning. 
  • I will definitely do this activity again. 
I would love to hear your thoughts, feelings, advice, reflections, etc. 

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