Saturday, September 22, 2018

QR Code Review, My Spur of the Moment Idea

I was getting ready for work yesterday morning, and I was thinking about a few things, especially how I was going to grade Algebra 2 notebooks while the kids were working on their review assignment and without them fully relying on my assistance. Then it hit me. I needed something that was essentially self-checking. So, I decided that we could take pictures of the answers and problems and have the kids access them through QR codes.

I went into my coworker's room, who is our PLC leader and one of three of us Algebra 2 CP teachers. She loved the idea. Then we went out into the hall, and we saw our other Algebra 2 CP teacher, and we called him over as told him that we were going to make QR codes so that the kids could check their work, and he liked that idea as well.

I struggled with making them and was about to scrap the idea because it was short notice after all. Then my coworker said she knew how to make the QR codes on Google Docs, and she had it done in just a few minutes. She had an Add-On called Koodid Barcodes. Then she took the pictures of the problems I sent her and saved it to our shared Google Drive, so the kids were able to access it.

Here is the example. See if it works! I should've taken pictures of students working, but I got too sidetracked with that, notebook checks for Algebra 2, as well as projects in my Geometry classes.

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