Saturday, September 15, 2018

My First Experiences with OneNote and Top 5 Uses for OneNote

I am at a school that uses OneNote, and, although, it took a few growing pains, I can't imagine not using OneNote!

Let me tell you about my growing pains, first. I had some issues setting up the notebooks to link with the students, but, thankfully my teammates helped me out. Our school is a Canvas school, and there is a tab that students can use to link their notebook with the class notebook. The only major issue that I had with that is that I messed it up and created three notebooks for my math intervention class. However thanks to a Google Search, I figured this out. Also, I learned pretty quickly that my students knew more about it than I did, but, sometimes that humility in the classroom is an invaluable piece.

Now I will get to the good stuff. It's been a God send. I have been using it as our class notebook in my Geometry classes. Therefore, I don't require my students to have a notebook, and I send the majority of the practice and notes through OneNote, and they can write or type in their OneNote notebooks. If I have students practice, they can export their work to Canvas, and I can grade it from there. Goodbye copies!

Here are my top 5 uses for OneNote
1. Warm-Ups

  • I do my daily Warm-Ups in OneNote, and the kids turn them in on Fridays. 

2. Class Practice

  • Instead of making copies of worksheets, I just upload to OneNote to each kid's notebook. 

3. Organizational Skills

  • It helps the kids be more organized, although, this is a work in progress. 

4. Notes

  • I do all of my notes on OneNote. I just insert the PDF files into OneNote and distribute to students. 

5. Projects

  • We have a separate tab for Projects, and I can have kids either work on projects or send information for projects. Did I mention I can do rubrics in each kid's notebook and grade them there?! 
Let me know your experiences with OneNote, and I hope to improve with OneNote as time goes on. 

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