Monday, December 12, 2016

WODB Projects and Plickers: Fall 2016 Edition

EOCs are over, and the Christmas/Holiday break will greet us in just four short days. However, the semester isn't over yet, but it's time to have some real fun and create our own WODBs! I first did this project last semester after integrating WODBs in my classroom. Toward the end of the last semester, I did WODB Wednesdays, and I integrated Plickers into my WODBs. This semester, I have kept the WODB Wednesdays, and students have become accustomed to them. 

Now it was time for this project to repeat themselves. After having nearly two weeks of testing between English, math, science, and history, my students needed something light, yet creative at the same time. So, I gave them Friday to create their WODBs. I have them pick something mathematical or something of their interest. Students then find four items and must be able to describe why each item does not belong. Then they submit the project to me. I then take their project and set it up as a question in Plickers so that students would have a chance to respond.  

Here is the link to the Google Doc. The link to last semester's blog post is in the first paragraph. 

How was this project similar as last semester? 
  • I basically used the same assignment sheet and rubric. I took out a couple of the categories in the rubric, though. 
  • I allowed students to use their own interests to create the project. 
  • Students were allowed to work individually or with a partner. 
How did the project differ this semester? 
  • Each student received a Chromebook in September, so the assignment and criteria were posted to Google Classroom 
  • Students submitted their assignments to me via Google Classroom instead of email. 
  • I gave feedback through their assignments in Google Classroom 
  • I was able to assess and give feedback faster. 
How will I alter the project for next semester?
  • I think I might require a mathematical WODB and a non-mathematical WODB. 
  • I think I will require each person to do a non-mathematical WODB and have students do mathematical WODBs in partners. 
  • I will tweak the rubric more to make it slightly more stringent as I didn't assess tough this semester. 
My Reflections/Thoughts 
  • Overall, I was impressed with the products that my students created. 
  • My biggest complaint was that some students didn't go far enough in explaining their reasoning and/or only gave one reason per category. 
  • This is a fun project that my students seem to enjoy as it allows me to learn more about them, and it allows them to make the content relevant to their lives. 
  • I was especially impressed with one of my classes, as many of the students were explaining their reasoning with each other and adding to each other's thoughts.
So, I will be quiet, and I will let my students' work start doing the talking. Let my students and me know what you think! 


  1. I love this idea!! I really appreciate that you shared examples of student work...they are so ingenious! I hope to use this project in some form next year. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Just let me know if you decide to use it! I actually have tweaked it for my students for this semester, so be on the lookout for that post. If you want the assignment sheet, feel free to email me using the contact form above. Thanks for stopping by!


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