Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Desmos on Chromebooks, Take 1

As I stated in my previous blog post, our students received Chromebooks. After taking yesterday to have kids get comfortable with them, we went full force with them today! 

In my Algebra 2 classes, we did the Quadratic Transformations I activity created by Mary Bourassa. We did our First Five, which was our weekly WODB, also created by Mary Bourassa! I tried to be patient with students as we were doing this activity. I think that they caught on well when the quadratic graph was translated up and down the y-axis. I think that some students got confused with the parenthesis, which tells whether the graph moves left or right on the x-axis. We will recap tomorrow. My kids LOVED the slider feature, which allowed them to see how the graph moved. I stated that this is one of the many reasons I am tickled to death that we have Chromebooks. 

In Geometry, we started on rigid motions by discussing translations. This lesson didn't go as well as I would have liked because some students were confused by the pre-image and the image. Also, I think some students were confused as to where to start translating. Further from that, I had forgotten that students had not used Desmos before on their own devices, so I probably should have done a better job with that. Let's talk positive, though. I think that most of the students were engaged with the lesson, but we are going to do some practice by hand tomorrow before going to reflections, also on Desmos. 

In summary, I am tickled that we have Chromebooks, but I need to more cognizant of a few things. The first thing that I need to be cognizant of is that many students are not used to the Chromebooks yet. Also, students are not used to the format of these style of lessons, so we will have to learn together. The moral is that technology is amazing, but it is only effective if we, as teachers, execute its uses effectively. 

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