Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Quilting with Geometry Presentation at TMC16

I was really fortunate to have the opportunity to present on Quilting with Geometry at Twitter Math Camp 16. I had submitted the proposal around Christmas last year, and I honestly thought I would have zero chance of my proposal being accepted. I was nervous, and I tried to not think about it. One night in January, I had to work the ticket gate at a basketball game. I happened to check my email on my phone during a dead time, and I received an email from Team TMC, telling me that my proposal had been accepted! I literally jumped and down and shouted "YES!" in the gym lobby. I had a student ask me what had happened. I was so thrilled that I was going to Twitter Math Camp in Minneapolis!!

July 16 was here before I knew it. I was nervous for part of the day about my presentation, and I tried to keep calm. I went to the room where I was assigned to present. When I got to the room, I realized that I needed a dongle to plug in my laptop. I panicked and had someone to tweet out to get a dongle for me.

No one showed up with a dongle, but that was okay! I had four great participants that attended the session, so we turned the session into a group discussion around the quilt.

I am attaching the presentation and a couple of pics if you would like to see. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!!

Quilting with Geometry TMC16 Presentation

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