Thursday, June 27, 2019

AVID Summer Institute Day 2/3

We started day 2 by discussing college/career readiness skills and how they paired with skills that are taught in the AVID elective. After this, we began to dive into the Tutorial Process. The tutorial is a major component of AVID (approximately 40%), as the typical schedule requires AVID tutorials two days a week. There are ten parts to the tutorial process, which is in the photo below. There is pre-work, in the form of a Tutorial Request Form (TRF), where students have to fill out to identify points of confusion. There was a ton of information in this section, so it's still hard to digest. However, AVID provides a ton of resources on tutorials.

Day 3 was also chock-full-of information. We discussed philosophical chairs, which are a form of a debate, but with different rules. After philosophical chairs, we combined learning about the Critical Reading process and Socratic Seminars. After this, we discussed setting up the AVID binder and did wrap up to finish. We had another meeting after this before the conference was over, and we had to fly home late that night. Overall, it was an amazing conference, and I have so much to take back to school here in a few weeks, not just for my AVID elective, but for my Algebra 2 and Geometry classes.

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