Thursday, April 25, 2019

Rowing and Sketch Night

My April has been pretty busy. We have just wrapped up testing, and I have had a couple of other activities that have given me an outlet to channel some energy.

The first of these is rowing. I signed up and took an Intro to Rowing class for the month of April. The town I live in has a rowing association, and people come from around the country for our rowing venue. I often walk here with my wife and dog, and I saw a flyer for introduction to rowing, which I decided to sign up for because I have always wanted to learn to row. I really enjoyed the class, and, although I would definitely not call myself an athletic person, I am not necessarily horrible at it. I definitely have a long way to go and always have more to learn and improve, but I definitely felt like I grew as a result of the class.

I had the opportunity to learn about how to use the erg (rowing machine), and we got on the water during most class sessions, so I have really enjoyed that! I started out not being able to handle the oar and row properly to getting a decent grasp of the rowing sequence. I am hoping that I can continue.

Another new experience was directing a sketch for our school's annual Sketch Night. I picked a sketch from a selection I was giving, and we had auditions where every student got a role, and the directors picked who was best for their sketches. We had around 4-5 lunch and after school rehearsals. My wife was nervous for me, but she said it was a great job. My kids rocked it!

On another note, today was math testing day. So here's hoping my kids did a great job!

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