Monday, August 6, 2018

Week 1 Down!

It's hard to believe that one week of school has came and went. I have to say that it was a great first week! I felt like relationships were getting built and content was being mastered. I also felt myself getting back into the groove.

One interesting thing for me is getting used to a new schedule. We have 49 minute periods, and I have never taught on short periods in seven years, and I haven't had short periods since I graduated high school in 2007. Since it was the first week, we were on an assembly schedule one day and for two days we were on early release schedule. One day a week, the kids go home an hour and a half early and we do PD after school, so my classes were 38 minutes this day. I would be up teaching and think we have five minutes left. Then the bell rang. So I was like "Okay, we will finish tomorrow." It's been a nice adjustment to 90 minute block and 70 minute periods.

I am really happy at my new school, and everyone has been friendly and accommodating! I am a part of two PLCs, and that is nice! The school is a Microsoft school, so I have been getting used to (a.k.a having the kids show me) how to use tools such as OneNote and switching the computer between regular mode and tablet mode. Also, kids are still having to remind me to unfreeze the screen, and you think I would have learned after basically six years.

So, here's been my week. In Algebra 2, we spent the first day setting up Canvas, OneNote, Delta Math, and other technologies. On Tuesday, we spent the majority of the time reviewing and simplifying radicals. Wednesday was for adding and subtracting radical expressions, and I taught multiplying radicals on Thursday. I created an Edulastic assignment for practice on adding, subtracting, and multiplying radicals. In Geometry, we also spent the first day setting up Canvas, OneNote, DeltaMath, and other stuff. We dug into points, lines, and planes as well as some segment addition. We also talked about complementary, supplementary, and vertical angles.

So, let's get week 2 started!

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